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Bonneville T120&T120 Black

THE MODERN CLASSIC REBORN. The timeless style and iconic character of the original Bonneville is reborn in the new Bonneville T120 and T120 Black. Both crafted to the highest standard of detailing, quality and finish, and matched by the capability and performance of a truly modern classic. Both powered by the all new Bonneville 1200cc high torque engine, fed by beautiful authentic twin throttle bodies.


The contemporary safety standard, Triumph's variable anti-lock braking system brings a new level of control to the Bonneville T120 and T120 Black.


The Bonneville T120 and T120 Black's electronic ride-by-wire system enhances throttle control, responsiveness, safety and feel.

Rider Modes

Linked to the ride-by-wire sytem the two selectable Rider Mode options 'road and rain' provide the rider with greater control and safety.

Traction Control

Taking advantage of the sophisticated ride-by-wire system the T120 and T120 Black incorporates a switchable traction control system that optimises the delivery of its class leading torque.

Slip Assist Clutch

Bringing a light touch and feel to the clutch control of the T120 and T120 Black, the new slip assist clutch system makes it easy to ride, and ride longer.

Heated Grips

High specification factory fitted heated grips, with a 3-mode setting, come as standard on the Bonneville T120 and T120 Black.

Fingertip Controls

The new T120 switchgear presents a simple fingertip control scroll button for easy access to the key features on the new digital clocks.

Twin Feature Clock

Stylish feature-packed twin clocks (speedo and rev counter) with beautiful 3D dial faces cleverly incorporating a digital menu system accessed by a handlebar mounted scroll button. Key features include: Rider mode setting, gear position indicator, heated grip status, odometer, two trip settings, service indicator, range to empty, fuel level, average and current MPG, clock, access to turn off traction control and ABS features.

DRL Headlights

A new contemporary standard, the Bonneville T120s headlights incorporate the latest in daytime running lights (DRL) delivering a distinctive signature light pattern and enhanced power efficiency for long term durability.

LED Rear lights

New LED real lights, incorporated into the classically inspired and stylish tail set-up, bring a distinctive rear light pattern and power efficency.

USB Charging Socket

An under-seat USB socket is provided so you can charge up your essential devices.

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